hi gorgeous,

I'm lyss

About Me

your main photographer. I'm just a girl who loves anything sentimental. It's easy for me to see the beauty in everything, which is probably why I cry so much.. but also why I picked up the camera. I like writing more than I like talking, unless we're talking about aliens, traveling, God or books. Oh, or sasquatch.

my hubby Derek and I were engaged after just four months and married a year later, so we're true believers in the saying "when you know, you know" :) 
Our perfect date would consist of curling up together on the couch, turning on "that 70's show" and devouring a massive bowl of ice cream. 
 We have two beautiful daughters, a sphynx kitten named Bloo and an aussiedoodle named Winston. 🐾
Our bucket list consists of Iceland, Switzerland, Bali, Tokyo and space (we do offer major discounts to shoot these locations, especially space.)


We will be in touch soon. 

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